Riccardo Torquati

owner of the centre

Center and Sporthealth trademark Holder, FIGC Serie A Football Referee Physical Therapist

Vanessa Nasponi


Physiotherapist, specialized in neurological rehabilitation

Paola Mattei



Raffaele Quagliarini

massage therapist

Physiotherapist specialized in Sport Science and  Massotherapy Trainer

Massimo Miressi

athletic recovery expert

Physiotherapist, specialized in athletic and functional recovery.

Michela Ciminello

riprogrammazione posturale

Physiotherapist specializing in Postural Retraining

Michelangelo Lubrano

Michelangelo Lubrano

McB and Kinesiologist, Massage therapist at

Sport Health Point c / o Bola Padel Club at 26 Via Luigi Perna

Mauro Girini

esperto scienze motorie mauro girini

Personal Trainer, Specialized in Sport Science, specializing in preventive and adaptive motor activity

Giacomo Consorti

expert osteopath

Osteopathologist D.O. graduated from C.E.R.D.O.

Chiara Mancioli

docente di posturologia chiara mancioli

Physiotherapist specializing in Postural Retraining, Manual Therapy, Lymphatic Dilation and Rehabilitation of the Pelvic Floor

Giulia Simonetti


Personal Trainer, Dr. in Sport Science, specialized in Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation

BodyFit® Method 

Giulia Montanari


Physiotherapist and Osteopath (Osteopathy Diploma)

Christian Martino

sports rehabilitation specialist

Massophysiotherapist responsible for the affiliated center at the Cancun Wellness Center

Silvia Minnucci

specialista fisioterapia silvia minnucci

Physiotherapist, OMT (Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist) 

Master in Manual Therapy and Specialization in Mulligan, Postural Rehabilitation, Lymphatic Drainage and Rehabilitation of Pelvic Floor.

Ilaria Mannocchi

Ilaria Mannocchi

Dr in Sports Science, specializing in Preventive and Adapted Motivation Activities

Gianluca Messeri

Giuseppe Messeri

Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Shiatsu

Andrea Indolfo

andrea indolfo

Physiotherapist specializing in progressive neuroinetic facilitation and postural rehabilitation using the Mézières method

Sara Graziani

sara graziani

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Aurora Tiberi

aurora tiberti

Physiotherapist, Master's Degree in Neurosurgery, trained in postural retraining and the Mézières method

Maela Bortolussi

maela bortolussi

Specialist in hydrokinesis therapy and neuromotor

Michele Tedesco

michele tedesco

Massophysiotherapist, Doctor of Science in Sports Science, specialized in preventative and adaptive motor activities

Andrea Ferri

andrea ferri

Physiotherapist, OMT (Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist)

Master in Manual Therapy and Specialization in Dry Needling, Postural Rehabilitation and Treatment of Temporo-mandibular dysfunction

Gabriele Piacenti

gabriele piacenti

Massophysiotherapist specialising in sports rehabilitation

Giuseppe Mattozzi
Physiotherapist, Posturology, Sport Massage, Physical Therapist for Series A Referees
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Pietro Lazzaro 

PIetro lazzaro
Massophysiotherapist, Posturology, ISEF Professor, Sports Science, 
Specialized in Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation - BodyFit® Method

Alessio Martellacci

Valentina russo

Specialist in Hydrokinesiology

Valentina Russo

Valentina russo


Leticia Yamile Hernandez Martinez

referente società convenzionate

Contact person for affiliated sporting federations

Helen Loaces

Michelangelo Lubrano

Assistant Receptionist

Giada Manus

Giada Manus


Lorenza Cinti

collaboratrice al desk accettazione

Assistant Receptionist

History of our LOGO

2016 marked 20 years since we opened our doors on December 13, 1996. So we decided to update our logo, keeping the original next to the more modern version. For us the dolphin has always represented friendship, help in times of need and closeness.

These values have always distinguished us and will accompany us in our continued professional journey.

Professional Staff at Your Service!

"SportHealth" staff distinguish themselves when it comes to their:

• ability to approach patients

• ability to examine postural problems and holistically identify the pathology relevant to the particular patient

• skilled use of manual and physiotherapeutic massage skills

• accurate and proper of equipment, including TECAR, HYPERTHERMIA, LASER, and ELECTROTHERAPY

• ability to develop a muscular exercises and holistic postural retraining techniques

• special ability in developing  personalized and constantly updated rehabilitation programmes

• ability to empathize with the patient

Constant ongoing dialogue between staff, clients and referring physicians

Our staff speak fluent English.

The center has skilled physiotherapists, massotherapy experts, for functional athletic recovery and rehabilitation.

You can rely on them to get you back into action after an injury.

The staff at Sporthealth - Rome

Sporthealth centres

Our Structure

Our center is first of all a center for physiotherapy. We are accredited in ASL practice and authorized by the region to practice the profession. These include:


• Risk Factors Assessment

• Job Safety

• Fire prevention and fire-resistant materials

• Non-toxicity of products

• Elimination of architectural barriers

• Minimum structural requirements in health environments

• Ventilation and electrical systems compliant with legal standards

• Registration of qualified staff and equipment in compliance with legal standards

• Therapeutic and hygienic products that comply with legal standards

• Division of architectural spaces in accordance with legal standards

We differ from a professional studio with only an initial consultation, and does not properly care for the patient, neither from a staff qualifications perspective nor the location and means by which they operate.

That is why we are committed to the fight against the abuse of the profession, the establishment of the profession, and addressing the lack of safety and competence when it comes to the work. 


Call now to make an appointment with one of the Sport Health experts at one of our three locations in Rome!


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