Sport Health offers you the opportunity to get personalized advice from one of our specialists at our Rome offices or any other contract center.

At your service are:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Orthopaedists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Gastroenterologists

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

A personal trainer to maintain and improve the performance of amateur athletes and professional athletes, as well as for the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders.


We specialise in:

  • functional training
  • rehabilitation programmes following injury
  • rehabilitation programmes following rehabilitation
  • muscle strengthening
  • athletic rehabilitation
  • evaluations
  • complete stretching
  • overweight treatment, obesity and metabolic disorders
  • refinement and improvement of all types of performance

    BodyFit Soccer

    Sport Health also uses the BodyFit® - Functional neuromuscular method for functional recovery and replenishment.

    Phases of the Rehabilitation Programme

    Protocollo Riabilitativo

    Professional Care

    Riccardo Torquati



    Rehabilitation therapist Riccardo TORQUATI will examine the case and propose the type of workout programme you need. 

    You will also receive advice on how to set up a mini gym at home and what exercises are best suited to your age or personal situation. Personal training can also be given at home. Our Personal Trainers Massimo Miressi and Mauro Girini will create a customised training programme for you that is specifically suited to your needs, habits and goals.

    Massimo Miressi

    Massimo Miressi
    Personal Trainer
    Physiotherapist specialised in athletic and functional recovery.

    Giulia Simonetti

    Giulia Simonetti
    Personal Trainer
    Dr.ssa in Sports Science, specializing in sports recovery, functional rehabilitation. 
    Developer of BodyFit® e BodyFit® Soccer - A method for functional neuromuscular rehabilitation: balance, core strength, posture, coordination, control, strength.

    Pietro Lazzaro

    Pietro Lazzaro

    ISEF trainer, Doctor in Sports Science, specializing in functional and rehabilitative recovery

    BodyFit® method

    Words at the Sport Health center on Viale Ciamarra

    Mauro Girini

    Personal trainer Massimo Miressi

    Personal Trainer

    Graduated in Physical Education and Scientific Methods for Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities and postural retraining. Physical trainer in the SS Lazio Youth League, holder of a UEFA B trainer licence.

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    Nutritionist Paola Meo



    Dr Paola Meo graduated with honours in Biological Sciences in 1999 and then specialised in Clinical Pathology, always achieving the highest honours in her studies. Later, she obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and successfully graduated from the School of Clinical Nutrition.

    Read her curriculum vitae in the gallery.


    Curriculum Vitae of Dr Paola Meo

    She has years of experience as a nutritionist at a private health centre, in close collaboration with medical specialists including pediatricians. Planning of infant and early adolescence nutrition. She prescribes customised diets based on a balanced diet without the need for drugs or meal replacements.

    She corrects poor eating habits and helps patients implement proper, healthy lifestyles.

    She creates diet plans for patients who suffer from physiological or paraphysiological conditions (pregnant or postmenopausal women ), aimed at maintaining or improving their physical and mental state.

    She also develops diet plans for patients suffering from pathological conditions, which then make up important components of their therapy.

    She is at her patients' disposal as a constant go-to contact person who is on top of all the latest research and findings in her chosen field of work. Considerable experience in the field of clinical analysis.

    An essential cornerstone of her therapeutic approach is, first of all, seeing the person as a whole before seeing them as a patient. Standing on the scale is only at the end the first visit, in particular to find out about eating habits and grasp the psychological aspects that so often affect the damaged relationship that the patient has with food.

    Establishing a relationship of empathy is essential, as it creates an attitude of trust for the patient. Trust helps him/her follow through with the diet programme that is developed.

    Diet as a lifestyle

    Nutrition and physical activity: a few rules for long-term health

    The following tests and analyses are performed:

    • Dietary plans for overweight and obesity
    • Dietary plans aimed at regaining weight (anorexia, bulimia)
    • Dietary plans for vegetarians or vegans
    • Dietary plans for athletes
    • Dietary plans to support the rehabilitation programme and the recovery of one's physical condition
    • Dietary plans for people with coeliac disease and issues related to intolerance and allergies
    • Dietary plans for pregnant or postmenopausal women
    • Dietary plans for children

    The dietary plan is based on the Italian guidelines for healthy eating, issued by INRAN (National Institute of Research for Food and Nutrition).


    Visit by dietician

    Nutritional history (knowledge of the eating habits and lifestyle, weight history, highlighting the critical points related to the person's relationship with food; identification of any family history of disorders)

    Estimation of energy requirements and basal metabolism

    Anthropometric analysis for the study of body composition (fat mass, lean mass, body water)

    Development of a customised diet plan based on physical characteristics, gender, age, food preferences and lifestyle of the patient

    Development of a dietary plan to support the healing of any existing diseases. 


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