Massage therapy

All sessions include massage

Massaggi fisioterapici

Massages relieve pain and helps solve various other problems.

Not just a therapeutic treatment, it is also an essential part of physiotherapy and alternative medicine. There are different types, with different purposes: relaxation, muscular, sport, painkillers, anti-cellulite.

The touch of the therapist must be warm, friendly, confident and free from any personal interest. The human hand is an instrument of touch, and touch can be revealing. So we made massages the cornerstone of our rehabilitation programmes.

From muscle relaxation massages to lymph drainage, from anti-fatigue to toning and so on and so forth. We use almond oil enriched with essences and balanced creams or herbs.

All our staff therapists are highly qualified in massage and appropriate massage techniques. The massages also precede post-operative articular recovery and are used at the end of an individual postural rehabilitation programme as an anti-fatigue measure for the session.

Stress-relieving massage

Massaggio decontratturante

This is a massage that breaks tension

and contractures. It is considered to be an appropriate wellness treatment

for patients struggling with muscular pain in specific areas as a result of incorrect posture, inadequate physical exercise, work or car accidents, emotional trauma, food disorders or fatigue.

Decontracting massage is indicated for the following: involuntary muscular contraction and constant pain; joint blockages; changes in proper hip function; pain and muscle spasms; conditions of general fatigue, accumulation of catabolites, poor diet,

involuntary contractures in anxious people who remain on "defense" and contracted; slow stomach emptying; stiffness and decreased joint movement due to hardening of the muscles; anxiety and feelings of fear, malaise and agitation.

Relaxing massage

Massaggio distensivo

Relaxing massage for muscles.

A light and fresh method that relaxed tired muscles and is therefore indicated for body fatigue following exercise.

It deconstructs muscle tissue and provides relief for nerve damage, bruising and inflammation.

Toning massage

Massaggio tonificante

A toning and energizing treatment that helps one regain energy precisely because it removes the physical manifestations of stress, allowing the decontraction of muscles that would otherwise lead to chronic stress

Anti-cellulite massage

Massaggio anticellulite

Localized and personalized massage according to the needs of the patient.

Useful to for reducing fat deposits and cellulite.

Powerful manual massage to  disinfect, reactivate and mobilize the tissue.

Massage can be done in various positions.

Pain Relieving massage

Massaggio antidolore

May be facing different aching parts of the body: helps ease back pain, neck, shoulders, but it is extremely valid also for headaches or sciatica.

It is a massage that adapts to the needs of the customer and is made with precision and delicacy.

In this massage, in fact, you don't have to "feel the pain" but listening to the stricken area of the body to move in a proper and adequate.

Sports massage

Massaggio sportivo

A special type of massage performed on specific parts of the body  to improve athletic performance

Muscular massage

Massaggio Muscolare

It is a form of massage by which anyone can benefit from it. In general it acts in a positive way because it reduces muscle tension.

Resolves the cramps, removes fatigue and promotes relaxation.


Call now to find out more about the various types of massages available to you at Sport Health  Center in Rome: your body will thank you!


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