Postural retraining

At Sport Health, in Rome, we specialize in holistic postural retraining.

Our centers are equipped with  special beds. The programme is designed by Dr. Riccardo Torquati and includes spinal massage.

Postural exercises

Rieducazione posturale

In addition to the individual sessions, our Sports Health Center also offers group postural exercises.

These exercises improve posture to maintain good elasticity and tone. They also aid in the prevention of:

  • kyphosis;
  • verticalization;
  • disc protrusions;
  • hernias;
  • sciatica;
  • cervicalgie.
Rieducazione posturale
Rieducazione posturale
Rieducazione posturale globale

Individual and group postural retraining


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Courses for Physiotherapists

Rieducazione posturale

We have also been conducting courses for years now with physiotherapists or IUSM graduates who want to learn the technique. That is why, both in Rome as well as the rest of the province, we continue to remain go-to destination for a number of professionals. They help us grow and improve.

Information meetings and updates.

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