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TECAR is Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer.
In other words, the transfer of energy from a generator to the tissue  through an electromagnetic wave.

This technique allows you to deal with a number of issues quickly, with lasting effects over time.


Innovation, modernity and potential


As part of our constant effort to improve and use technologies aimed at faster recovery of athletes in particular and injuries in general, SportHealth now offers state-of-the-art TECNOSIX equipment.

Tecnosix represents ​​a further development of, and improvement on, existing systems in the market. In particular, compared to the more famous TECAR models on the market, TECNOSIX offers more power, newer materials used for electrodes, and 2B certification (medical professionals).

The machine is a current transformer and not a generator (for improved emission control), and is computer operated.

Capacitive Resistive Therapy is a new form of therapy that re-activates natural restorative and anti-inflammatory processes without  projecting radiant energy from the outside.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in physiotherapy equipment. For the first time, the physical principle of the condenser is now being applied to the field of biology. The technology allows tissues to be stimulated by acting from within, thus without unnecessary energy dissipation .

With resistive capacitive therapy, we enter a new era that guarantees reduced time saving, with immediate results, and above all stability. They are based on the stimulation and reinforcement of the intrinsic ability of tissue to repair itself.

Positive effects can be observed after the first application already.
- immediate pain relief
- mobilization is achieved more easily
- resulting in complete  patient satisfaction

Technotherapy rehabilitation now represents the integration of therapeutic intervention in acute and chronic osteoarticular pathologies.

Its use is therefore essential in rehabilitation therapy for recovery from sprains, tendon injuries, tendonitis, bunions, bony and ligamentous injuries, acute and chronic, recurrent arthralgias.  Used for various etiological osteoarticular pathologies as well as in the treatment of various forms of osteoporosis and post surgical rehabilitation programmes, particularly after arthroplasty.

Here are some significant applications of capacitive resistive therapy:

• Chronic pain

• Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder

• Patellar chondropathy

• Coxarthrosis

• Chronic osteitis pubis

• Calcaneal spur

• Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation

The efficacy of resistive capacitive therapy is based on the ability to transfer biocompatible energy to the diseased tissues without any interference from the outside. Instead, this is achieved through inducing so-called shift currents internally through alternating movements (500,000 times per second) of the electrical charges, in the form of ions that represent essential constituents of each biological substrate.

Tecnological Improvements

Innovative technological improvements have enabled the automatic blocking of joule emissions as soon as you reach the level of power necessary to treat the relevant pathology.

The effects of the treatment

Cura dolori reumatici

Tecar therapy is effective by acting on the relevant tissues through:

  • activating  microcirculation;
  • its biostimulant effect and increased blood flow;
  • the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues.

The heat that is released also has an anabolic and de-tensioning effect when it comes to:

  • contusive and distortive traumas, even in an acute phase;
  • articular pathologies (colon and limbs);
  • muscular lesions, tendons, ligaments and bones, both post-traumatic and post-surgical.

Rehabilitative Tecar therapy at  Sport Health center involves therapeutic intervention in acute and chronic osteoarticular diseases. The therapy is also successfully applied in the treatment of various forms of osteoporosis and rehabilitation programs following arthroprosthetic interventions.

Tecar therapy at Sport Health Roma

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