In-house professional consultancy

The skilled professionals who work daily with Sport Health's Rome offices include:

  • Dr Paola Meo - Dietician prescribing customised diet plans based on a balanced diet without the use of drugs (she sees patients at the centre on via Latina )
  • Dr Andrea De Vita - Orthopaedic Surgeon, spine and upper limbs specialist (he sees patients at the centre on Via Latina)
  • Dr Valerio Chiatti - Technical director and orthopaedic surgeon, lower limbs specialist (he sees patients at the centre on Via Latina)
  • Dr Cristina Valentini - Performs ultrasound (at the centre on Via Carlo Sigonio)
  • Dr Gianni Marino Refice - Neurologist
  • Dr Luca De Martino - Specialist in Neurosurgery and minimally invasive spinal surgery

    Centres and external specialists

    Sport Health opened a satellite centre in December 2007 at Cancun in Viale Ciamarra 229-231, inside the wellness centre, with three booths. Her we offer tecar therapy, laser, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and TENS,  iontophoresis, magnetic therapy, massage therapy, individual postural re-education and group postural exercise classes, hydrokinesitherapy and physiotherapy, and orthopaedic consultations with Dr Luca Bruno, Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Policlinico Casilino He visits the Sport Health centre on Viale Ciamarra on Mondays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

    • Cavalcanti Radiology

    Radiology, mammography, BMD, MR open, CAT. Technical director Dr Marco Perinelli - Via Taranto, 58 - 00182 Rome - tel. +39 06.77204735 Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm Saturdays 8 am-1 pm


    Some of the specialists that Sport Health collaborates outside of its offices in Rome, include:

    • Dr Alessandra Fava - Internist;
    • Dr Gherardi - Sonographer and Angiologist;
    • Dr Augusto Carosi - Dentist;
    • Dr Fabio Treia - Orthopaedic Surgeon;
    • "Medical Project" Dental clinic - Medical Director Dr Massimiliano Rossi - via Adolfo Omodeo, 43 Rome.


    The centre for physiokinesitherapy works closely with two prestigious private clinics that offer special prices to our customers,

    • Madonna della Fiducia, located in via Alfredo Baccarini, 54 - Rome
    • Concordia Hospital, located on Via delle Sette Chiese - Rome. This hospital is in charge of our private surgery at prices agreed with our insurance companies, and which are favourable for our patients.


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