Hydrokinesitherapy - Rome

Water is the number one requirement if you want to live in harmony with your body!

The use of water as a therapeutic tool allows patients to begin rehabilitation earlier than in the case of traditional therapies.

Water becomes a valuable ally for recovering in a very short time, and Sport Health is a leader in this kind of therapy!

Hydrokinesis therapy should always be considered as part of a rehabilitation programme. It complements all other methods.

Exercising in water provides the patient with a holistic experience that recognizes the intellectual, psychological, sensory and motor aspects of a person.

The use of water for therapeutic purposes helps the patient begin the rehabilitation process at an earlier point in time. He/she is then able to achieve a certain level of independence within a shorter period of time which, in turn, spurs them on to continue retraining their bodies while achieving higher levels of self confidence. When it comes to rehabilitation, hydrokinesis therapy is a crucial element for achieving a level of performance or behaviour otherwise not possible in an environment that is subject to the laws of gravity.

Under normal circumstances, inflammatory joint effusions, microtrauma and pain can also cause patients to discontinue their therapy. This does not happen in water, however. By avoiding these problems, patients have no reason to interrupt their therapy, and become increasingly aware of their motor potential.

Hydrokinesis therapy service is carried out by the physiotherapists at Sport Health Centre at the Sporting Palace located in Via Carlo Sigonio 21 - Rome, tel. +39 06.7847053.

Areas of application

  • There are a number of areas where hydrokinesitherapy proves essential:
  • orthopaedics and rheumatology;
  • herniated discs;
  • knee ligament, meniscus and rotator cuff injuries;
  • post-fracture and post-distortion recovery;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • muscle and tendon injuries;
  • treatment of multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and obstetric paralysis.


Professionals staff at your service!

Technology, professionalism and the human touch. The patient is always at the heart of all our services.

Free complete postural assessment before starting any kind of physiotherapy activity .

Our swimming pool

Water, if used correctly, is an ideal environment in which to recover mobility, even for people who have never swam before and that have never been in a pool.


Therapy that uses water (hydro) to rehabilitate patients by means of certain movements (kinesis) related to treatment methods.

Hydrokinesitherapy involves the use of water for rehabilitation purposes, or after trauma or surgery. It is also used for preventative purposes.

The benefits of water are numerous, including:

• total or partial decontracting of the joints (minor stress andoarticular)

• muscle relaxant effect

• better pain control

• easy walking

• reduction of edema

• easy passive mobilization

• greater movement with less effort

• optimal muscle recovery

• interaction not only with the relevant area, but also has a holistic effect on muscles and joints

• psychological and relaxation benefits

• reduced recovery times when it comes to rehabilitation

Not all swimming pools are suitable for hydrokinesitherapy

Sport Health Rehabilitation Swimming Pools have a specific design. It is a Healthcare Structure that measures 25 X 6 METERS WITH A CONSTANT DEPTH OF 130 CM

The water temperature (which in a normal pool is about 28 ° - 29 ° C) reaches 32 ° in our rehabilitation pools.

This temperature is ideal for moving and doing exercises without getting cold and stiff muscles and joints.

Our center also has non-slip floors, which is standard for new patients.

The hygienic conditions of our water is also constantly monitored. We offer complete filtration of the bath and periodic, controlled chemical-bacterial water analysis.

In the Sport Health center, all rehabilitation sessions take place in the water, with therapists specialized in hydrokinetic therapy and rehabilitation.

Areas of application



Hip and knee replacement

Herniated discs, degenerative disc disease

Lesions to knee and meniscus ligaments

Lesions to the rotator cuff

Fractures, sprains


Muscle and tendon injuries



Gonarthrosis (arthrosis of the knee)

Coxarthrosis (hip arthritis)

Rheumatic diseases





Head trauma

Cerebral disorders



Spastic quadriplegia

Motor coordination impairment in childhood, results of cerebral palsy (CP);

Multiple sclerosis

Spinal paralysis

Spina bifida


Muscular dystrophy

Multiple sclerosis

Brachial plexus palsy

Obstetric paralysis

Expert advice

Predictable, Obvious, Generic??? Maybe, but useful for those who have never "come into contact" with aquatic physiotherapeutic exercises.

Our expert provides the following practical tips when it comes to hydrokinesitherapy exercises:

- Eat two hours before

- Intact skin

- Dry skin (no sweat!)

The SportHealth centre of hydrokinesitherapy, in Rome, will perform a FREE HOLISTIC POSTURAL EVALUATION, before embarking on any physiotherapeutic programme.




- Clothing: swimsuit for women; swimming briefs or shorts (with underwear for hygienic reasons) for men; swimming cap; bathrobe; products for showering

- Padlock for locker

 ALWAYS USE APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR: diving footwear is recommended.






- Stay hydrated: drink something

- Nourish the skin with a nourishing cream for the body

- Rest and recover

The Center at Via Sigonio 21 (parking available on level -1)

Sport Health at Via Latina, 497 - 00179 Rome.

Here's how you can reach us:

From G.R.A. Exit n. 20 "APPIA - S. GIOVANNI", continue for about 5 Km, in the direction of downtown.

From Termini Station: Line no. 360: Direction Piazza Zama for 8 stops; Get off Via Magna Grecia and continue with 87 for 11 stops to Via Mario Menghini / Crivellucci. Take a walk along the Caffarella Park to the ns. Center.

Metro A: Termini station direction Anagnina for 6 stops; Get off at Colli Albani. Walk on Via Mario Menghini for 200 meters. Take the Caffarella Park to the ns. Center.

Sport Health at Via Sigonio 21:

Here's how you can reach us:

Only 2.5 km from Via Latina and Via Sigonio. Leave the Via Latina, and turn left onto Via Carlo Cipolla; Then take a left onto Via Appia Nuova; go on Piazza dell'Alberone, continue on: Via Gino Capponi; and turn left at the end: Via Carlo Sigonioio

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