Lo Staff di Sport Health con Riccardo Torquati e Giuseppe Mattozzi è impegnato nel Raduno FIFA, per la preparazione in vista dei Mondiali 2018. Fino all'8 aprile non saranno presenti nei nostri centri, ma ci rappresenteranno ai massimi livelli internazionali

Sports Health Staff with Riccardo Torquati and Joseph Mahajan are committed to preparing for the FIFA 2018 World Cup. When April 8 arrives, we will not just be in our centres, but active at the highest international levels

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Castan, extra exercises for getting back in shape

The Brazilian athlete is working with an expert in neuromuscular functions to help regain control of the body

Castan, Roma FC football player

If your self-esteem has taken a knock, you have two choices: hold on or let go. Leo Castan has clung on. The breaking point was the Roma-Verona match on 17 January. Then came the doubts. The opportunity to return to Brazil. And a phone call from a friend in late February: "Let's try a different route." Leo believed.

And so began his slow recover. Now, 16 months after surgery to his cerebellum, he has seen the light. At the next Roma-Lazio derby he was back on the team, but not just for show, and clearly something had changed. IMPROVED MORALE. Castan spent a month and a half in the capable hands of Giulia Simonetti, Doctor in Physical Education at Sport Health Group. Her once-a-week, sometimes twice a week "neuromuscular functional training" of just over an hour each, was just a small extra compared to the work of Trigoria.

The goal? To overcome the difficulties of controlling the body, particularly the left side, the dominant part for a left-hander.

In a nutshell, the Brazilian athlete had to reorganise the entire working of his brain and his body's responses to be able to once again make natural movements. Imagine a boy learning to drive and every time he gets into the car he has to think about everything that he has to do: in time everything becomes automatic, the seat belt, the gears, the clutch...


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