Services Offered

We offer massages, mobilization and postural rehabilitation. Once our Physical Therapists and orthopedists at Sport Health in Rome have identified the nature of your specific problem, we will go ahead and address the problem: rely on us for unbelievable results!


rehabilitation therapies

Manual therapies are the first rehabilitative approach.

Through massages, mobilization and postural rehabilitation, physical therapists and orthopedists working for Sport Health will try to locate the nature of your specific problem and solve any physical problems.

Treatments used by Sports Health Center include the following:


Tecar therapy

Laser therapy:

- Laser Yag

- Laser Hilt

Shockwave therapy

Massage therapy:

- Lymphatic drainage

- Massages

- Hyperthermia

Postural retraining

- Cryotherapy ultrasound

- Electrotherapy

Magnet therapy

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