Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy

Shock waves are high-energy acoustic waves generated by electro-hydraulic, electromagnetic or piezoelectric equipment. They have a regenerative effect in the treated area.

The action mechanism of shock waves is mechanical (mechanical reduction of calcification) and cavitation (a series of vapour bubbles increase the intracellular tonic exchange ). Increased local capillarisation results in reduction of inflammatory factors.

It has been used in orthopaedics since 1991. Shockwave therapy has no side effects and within 3-6 sessions you experience the removal of symptoms when it comes to pathogens such as fibrosis and calcification, tendon or overload disorders (epicondylitis, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, calcific tendinitis, bursitis, patellar tendinitis, painful trigger points, etc.).

1,500-2,000 shocks with a frequency of 120-140 shocks/minute (about 10 minutes) are applied for each treatment.

In the light of the above, the clinical indications in orthopaedics include:

• nonunions (delayed healing of fractures)

• aseptic osteonecrosis (areas of bone necrosis)

• degenerative tendon and/or calcified shoulder

• epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis ("tennis" and "golfer" elbow respectively)

• heel spur and plantar fasciitis

• insertional Achilles tendonitis

• patellar tendinitis (also in patellar tendon disorders in knees operated on for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with part of the patellar tendon)

• goosefoot tendinitis

• groin pain

• shin syndrome (tibia pain borne by athletes and dancers, owing to functional overload)

• trochanteric bursitis

Swiss Dolor Clast

Technology, Modernity and Reliability



Updated with an intuitive touchscreen interface, the new generation of the Swiss DolorClast® Master has 17 pre-configured programmes with recommended default settings and the potential to create up to 200 customised treatment programmes. Designed for sessions that are easy to perform, the Swiss DolorClast® Master is the first and only device that has an air pressure converter in Energy flux density (EFD). This option automatically calculates the EFD (in mJ/mm²) corresponding to the air pressure level (in bar) chosen for the treatment.

A fully integrated treatment pathway allows the device to provide access to anatomical and clinical definitions, a list of clinical trials, contraindications and risks for each of the 17 programmes. Dedicated to patient-centric therapy, the Swiss DolorClast® Master allows automatic storage of patient records including treatment history, providing a Visual Analogue Scale to monitor the reduction of pain during treatment.

The new Swiss DolorClast Master® is the leader in RSWT® best practices and features the revolutionary new Swiss DolorClast® EVO BLUE handpiece .

Special offer: 4 sessions for € 240.00

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